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Baby Boom For Di Yee, Director


Directing kids can be demanding, but also the most rewarding of challenges as Diana Yee’s recent experience shows. With a new generation of little people out there, Di’s been making play dates around the region for numerous baby product ad campaigns.

A cute bunch of clever, talented little Individuals feature in her new body of work with kids and babies: a campaign for Baby Cheramy Sri Lanka - a baby care range shot in India, baby milk spots for Nestle and nappies for Huggies - for SEAsia, and a sweet little spot for Woolite Baby Laundry from Reckitt Bencisker Nth America.

For Di, working with kids & babies is happy work- finding the beauty in the moment, the intelligence behind the innocence and paying attention to the little things makes every production infinitely inspiring.

Di Yee - Director